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Moving company refused to recruit normal when movers

yesterday, the Shenzhen evening news with "the need to move" into the Feng Huang Qiao district, Baoan, a moving company in Shenzhen near. Is a fat boy opened the door, open the door, the boy ran to the inside room, sitting on an old sofa, silent. When a reporter approached the boy down the dark living room when a middle-aged woman in the room suddenly rushed to the press, asked in a loud voice: you came to my house to do? When that is move through the others, middle-aged woman off guard a little bit. Boy, how long have you moved? "The reporter tried to talk to the boy. Middle-aged woman quickly chimed in: "he can definitely, is not talking. "Watching reporters always stared at the boy, the woman is very nervous, and relatives said the boy was home. Just when reporters to leave, middle-aged woman seemed aware of what keeps scolding the boy shouldn't have to answer, and do not hear the boy's excuse.

   source said, in this district, there is also a moving company in Shenzhen. Journalists in the district, squat down until late in the afternoon, until finally the company truck to a room. From a young man, squatting on the floor playing with the dog, to reporters giggle. Reporters stepped forward trying to communicate with, another middle-aged man on the bus quickly pulled it away.

       "under normal circumstances, ' mentally retarded ' was not paid, they won't spend the money. "A golden moving company owner who said, because people with intellectual disabilities have little ability to identify, under normal circumstances, the moving company will be labor bosses in control at home, preventing them from out the door don't know coming back. In order not to cause the outside criticism, these use "retarded" moving company boss declared, "mentally retarded" is their "relatives" or recognized "adopted son".

Phoenix moving companies shelter of persons with intellectual disabilities in the bridge community was brought to the attention of district police station. On behalf of these personnel, including civilian police to verify a temporary residence permit status, two movers in room the 4 workers do not have identity cards and temporary residence permits. The moving company owner explained: "which have an ID, are found on the main road, we gave him every day, and gave him drink. He does not know, which have an ID? ”