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Living standard and linked to rising prices

home of Fu Shenzhen moved company, Shenzhen Fukuda moved company head pointed out that, current radio management in large activities in the has by simple of service role rose to maintenance order, and guarantee security "air police" of important status, national leaders at all levels had times stressed to height attention large activities in the radio security guarantees work, and in Organization framework in the, will radio management into national large activities "security, and Foreign Affairs, and publicity" three big focus bar in the and get increasingly attention. So we must pay attention to security work for the Universiade. Zhao Zeng Director requires close combination of electromagnetic environment in Shenzhen Universiade characteristics and the characteristics of Shenzhen and coordination as to the frequency of management as the core, based on venue management, with an emphasis on the opening and closing ceremonies full safety and security.

Lo-Fi groups linked to rising standards of living and price of linkage mechanism, Shenzhen's Lo-Fi home feel warm this winter. Small series of moving network yesterday from the home of Shenzhen Yantian port moving Department, 50 per person per month for temporary price subsidies in place, when the city's 1. Over more than 20,000 low-income people will benefit from it. Social aid from the survival-oriented towards the development of Shenzhen, from individual assistance to build system changes, build multiple levels of support and protection for the disadvantaged groups.

   implementation of a minimum living standard security system in Shenzhen, became the earlier implementation of one of the lowest living security system of the city. Years, with I city social rescue work of in-depth, rescue system constantly perfect, in implementation minimum life guarantees system of based Shang, for poverty family of special difficult, gradually established has medical rescue, and housing rescue, and education rescue, and disaster rescue, and employment aid Shenzhen Nanshan moved company help, and legal assistance, and social mutual, multiple special rescue system, basic formed has "Government is responsible for, and home coordination, and sector due diligence, and social participation" of social rescue system, Preliminary implementation of social assistance from live aid to development assistance, the shift from individual relief to build a system, comprehensively maintains interests in a difficult group.